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2015–2016: ...In This Together

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Vision for a New Season

From Caroline Lee, New Chancel Choir PresidentChancel Youth and JV choirs smaller

As I write this, it is still the heart of summer, but I am already looking ahead to Homecoming Sunday and a new season for the Chancel Choir. Each year, the Chancel Choir observes a Sabbath in August so that we can return refreshed and renewed in September, ready once more to glorify and serve God.

During this time of Sabbath, I want to share with you the core values that guide the Chancel Choir's ministry, mission, and day-to-day practices. These core values are ones we have in common with all of the Music and Arts ministries at Trinity. We strive for Excellence in our music and Growth in both our abilities and our ministry: we study and hone our craft with intentionality in the hopes that through our gifts of music others may come to know Jesus. We seek to foster Inclusivity and a loving Community: we warmly welcome all to join us, and we pray and care for each other, as God cares for each of us. We are called into Service to share God's love through music: in our service, we feed hungry hearts and provide an experience of the Divine. We are guided both by our individual faith journeys as well as a shared Spirituality: underpinning our ministry is the assurance that we are loved and cherished children of God.

Lastly, we want to have Fun. And we do have fun! On any given Wednesday night, you will find old and new friends lingering long after rehearsal to catch up with each other. On some nights, you will see members of our choir showcasing their vocal or other talents to perform at our monthly birthday celebrations, or members of the Choir Board acting out skits to provide some comic relief for the evening. As we often hear from Judith, it's "just nother ordinary Wednesday night," but as she knows, these ordinary nights are full of richness and love and beauty. Here, God is present as friendships are forged, creativity is unleashed, and the bonds of community are deepened.

This season, I hope that when you see and hear the choir sing, you will see a reflection of you, the Trinity community: an open, inclusive space to share God's love and experience God's grace. If you're feeling the call to join our ministry...if you're a singer of many years or a brand new singer...if you want to experience the power of God through music...and if you want to have fun while doing all of these things, I hope you'll consider joining the choir this season. We resume our Wednesday night rehearsals on September 9, and the choir will be returning to sing in worship on Homecoming Sunday, September 13. To get connected, simply contact Director Judith Mitchell at 303-839-1493 x16. Come and see, feel, and know...there is a place for you in the choir loft!

Music & Arts News

Join the Music & Arts Ministry This Season!

You are enthusiastically invited to join Trinity's dynamic Music & Arts Ministry! Our ministry is a welcoming community offering opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. For adults, we have the Chancel Choir, Men's Choir, Women's Choir, Chancel Handbell Choir, Flute Choir, and Brass Ensemble. If you are visual artist, we invite you to display your artwork in our Artist Display Case. We would love to have all interested youth in grades 6–12 become part of our Youth Choir and Youth Bells handbell choir. The Flute Choir and Brass Ensemble has also welcomed youth players into their groups. For children, Trinity offers Children's Chimes for kids age 4 through second grade and the Genesis Ringers handbell choir and the Joyful Voices vocal choir for those in Kindergarten through grade 5. There are also excellent Early Childhood Music classes available for young children from birth through age 10 and their families on Monday evenings. There is a place for YOU in Music & Arts at Trinity! To get more information or to join one of our ensembles, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 303-839-1493 x16.

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Trinity's Music and Arts Ministry is a vibrant ministry of the church, featuring a variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles for all ages. Visit our pages for choirs, instrumental ensembles, drama, our School for the Arts, handbells and our magnificent Roosevelt pipe organ.