Liturgy: Work of the People

Liturgy meets each Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Sanctuary.

Upcoming topics:

March 22–April 12: Liturgy: Pillars of Faith Series
March 22: Scripture
March 29: Tradition
April 5: Reason
April 12: Experience

Who We Are:

A growing community of diverse believers who gather weekly to share our gifts of worship and praise with one another.

What We Believe:

That each and every human being has a divine gift to share that is an invaluable blessing to all who receive it.

What We Do:

Share with each other the spiritual gifts of poetry, music, speaking, storytelling and testimony. Each and every expression of faith and experience is a means of drawing closer to the divine.

Why We Do It:

By offering our many and varied gifts to God and to each other, we are embracing a reality that is more pure and true than that of a polarized society.